Mid range drivers are thicker than fairway and distance drivers. Their profiles are less sharp. These Innova mid range drivers are Speed 4 - 5. They don't fly as fast or as far and they are easier to control than Speed 6 - 13 fairway and distance drivers. They make great multi-purpose discs meaning a player can play the entire course with just one disc.

Innova Mid Range Drivers are designed to provide accuracy and control for mid range shots, approaches and short drives. They are versatile and dependable from fairway to chains. Innova's wide assortment of mid range drivers match the needs of a wide range of players using a variety of throwing techniques. The Roc is the mid range choice for many professional players.

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We offer these ways to narrow your search. Many of the understable to stable discs are great for beginners while the more overstable discs are better for experienced players.

Narrow Down Your Search

Innova Roc+ USDGC 2014 - Champion

This Innova Champion Roc+ is the 2014 USDGC fundraiser disc. A portion of every disc sold helps fund the USDGC. The Innova Champion Roc+ features Innova's Plus Mold rim which offers durable long lasting Roc flights with…


Innova Roc+ USDGC 2015 - Champion

This Innova Champion Roc+ is the 2015 USDGC fundraiser disc. This stamp is the Tech Stroke design which is a cleaner, more fluid take on the Roc bird art. A portion of every disc sold helps fund the USDGC. The Innova Ch…


Innova Roc+ USDGC 2016 - Champion

This Innova Champion Roc+ is a 2016 USDGC fundraiser disc. This special, limited edition ' Bird & Basket' design by artist Mike Inscho will help raise funds for the United States Disc Golf Championship. The Innova Cham…


Innova Roc3 - Champion Metal Flake

The Innova Champion Metal Flake Roc3 is an overstable mid range driver.  It is faster and straighter than the Roc and excels at controlled approaches and mid range drives. The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind condi…


Innova Atlas - Champion Overmold

The Innova Champion Atlas is an overmold that combines a firm, low-profile flight plate with a grippy rim. This Mid-Range flies straight with minimal fade, combining accuracy and control with an ergonomic grip. The Atlas perf…


Innova Atlas - Star Overmold

The Innova Star Atlas is an overmold that combines a firm, low-profile flight plate with a grippy rim. It is a straight flying mid range driver with a small amount of high speed turn and very little fade. It combines accuracy…


Innova Gator - Champion Color Glow DU Open 2016

This CFR Innova Champion Glow Gator is once again raising funds for the 2016 Discs Unlimited Open. This version is unique in that it's available for the first time in COLORS! All are 175 grams in various shades of blue-green …


Innova Manta - Star

This is the First Run Proto Star Stamp Star Manta. The Innova Star Manta is a stable to understable mid range driver featuring VTech. It has a gentle turn when thrown with power and smooth straight glide when thrown flat w…


Innova Shark 3 - Champion - US Master's

The Innova Champion Shark3 was introduced in MetalFlake featuring a special design to support the US Masters in Burlington, NC, May 2013. The Shark3 is a sleeker Shark mold that is faster. Faster and sleeker than the origi…


Innova VCobra, Star - Proto Star

Proto Start Stamp First Release Star VCobra. The Innova Star VCobra is a predictable midrange driver that is overstable. This slightly larger diameter, lower-profile, fast disc has a V-Tec convex outer rim. V-Tec puts more…


Innova Gator - Champion Glow DU Open 2015

The Innova Champ Glow Gator golf disc is a mid range driver that is overstable. Even in windy conditions, the Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots. This is a great golf disc for mid range sh…


Innova VRoc - Champion Proto Star Stamp

A limited number of Proto Star Stamp Champion VRocs are available. The VRoc has enjoyed some serious pre-release positive press. All weights are heavy. The Innova Champion VRoc is a straight mid range driver with a convex …


Innova 3 PC Boxed Golf Set - DX

The Innova DX 3pc Set includes 150 gram discs. DX Leopard Distance Driver DX Shark Midrange Driver DX Aviar Putt and Approach Disc …


Innova RocX3 - Champion Proto Star Stamp

This is a first run, proto star stamped Champion RocX3. The Innova Champion RocX3 is an overstable mid range driver. Thirty years after the Roc was launced, along comes Innova's most overstable version yet, the RocX3. They…


Innova 4 PC Starter Set - Discs and Disc Golf Bag

This Innova Disc Golf Starter Set begins with the Innova Starter Bag and three Innova DX Discs including a driver, midrange and putter. The Innova Starter Bag features: * Holds up to 12 golf discs * Water resistant w…