Jawbreaker Golf Discs

Discraft's Jawbreaker plastic was developed to be the finest plastic blend available for putt and approach discs.

  • Super tacky - give 'em a squeak!
  • Unique jawbreaker marbling
  • Advanced polymers provide good durability
  • Discs have a medium stiffness

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Discraft Banger GT - Jawbreaker

The Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT (Groove Top) is a slightly overstable putt & approach disc with a stability rating of 1.0. It delivers consistency and confidence with every release. Great for forehand shots as well as b…


Discraft Focus - Jawbreaker

The Discraft Jawbreaker Focus is a slightly overstable putt & approach disc (0.5). It was the 2009 Ace Race proto. This versatile bullet-nosed brute fills a gap in Discraft's putter line up, being their only 0.5 disc golf…


Discraft Luna - Jawbreaker Special Blend - Paul McBeth - First Run

This is the Discraft First Run Paul McBeth Jawbreaker Special Blend Luna Putter. It features a new stamp and a PM logo tooled inside the rim. This is truly Paul's vision coming to life. Flight numbers have been updated from t…


Discraft Luna - Jawbreaker Special Blend - Paul McBeth Proto Putter

This is the Discraft Jawbreaker Luna - Limited Edition Paul McBeth Signature Prototype Putter. 4x World Champion Paul McBeth is now part of Team Discraft! Be sure to pick up one of Paul’s Limited Edition First Run Signature d…


Discraft Magnet - Jawbreaker

The Discraft Jawbreaker Magnet is a stable putt & approach disc (0.0). Not too hard, not too soft... it is used by thousands of seasoned disc golf players, goes in and stays in. This disc golf putter is excellent in the w…


Discraft Ringer GT - Jawbreaker

The Discraft Jawbreaker Ringer GT is an overstable disc golf putter and approach disc (1.7). It's beefier than the Ringer and will give your short game an instant boost. It features all the best characteristics of the Ringer …


Discraft Roach - Jawbreaker

The Discraft Jawbreaker Roach is a stable putt and approach disc (0.0). A straight flier with extra glide, the Roach is crafty in avoiding danger while incessantly pursuing chains. It's beadless and feels great in the hand. J…


Discraft Zone - Jawbreaker

The Discraft Jawbreaker Zone is an overstable putt and approach disc with a low profile which makes it unique among the Discraft putters. Advanced players love the fact that it will hold the line without flipping on long appr…


Discraft Challenger - Jawbreaker

The Discraft Jawbreaker Challenger is an amazing overstable putt & approach disc and very popular with advanced players (1.0). It can get around trouble for those long hyzer putts and is overstable enough to take a good a…