Fear no wind with one of these overstable Discraft discs with Stability Ratings of 1.8 to 2.0.

Overstable discs are the best in windy conditions. The more overstable a disc is, the better it is against a strong wind. The more overstable it is, the stronger the headwind it can handle. When thrown into the wind, they resist flipping or turning over more than stable and understable discs.

These discs work well in left to right cross winds for right handed backhand throws. Release them with an anhyser angle and watch them go right and then come back left.

You wouldn't want to use these for right to left cross winds for right handed backhand throws because they would turn really fast to the left.

They don't work very well in down wind conditions unless you want it to turn really fast. 

'Advanced and Expert Skill Level' players are able to derive the most benefit from these discs because of the high speed release needed to get maximum distance.

Read more.... Mastering the Wind, by Ron Convers, Jr.

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Discraft Zone - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Zone is an putt and approach disc with a low profile and overstable flight path which makes it unique among the Discraft putters. Advanced players love the fact that It will hold the line without flipping o…

Discraft Ringer - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Ringer is a putt and approach disc with stability rating of 1.5, moderately overstable. It is an excellent choice for an everyday utility disc. The combination of moderate overstability and low profile make…

Discraft Force - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Force is a fast and sleek maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 2.0 (extremely overstable). It's wide rim, sleek profile and jaw-dropping glide provide a new level of distance potential. It's D…

Discraft Drone - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Drone is a midrange driver with stabilities of 2.5 to 2.6 (extremely overstable). Disc golf players in windier places love it like no other for its ability to fight headwinds and not turn over. Very oversta…

Discraft Crush - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Crush is an overstable maximum distance driver with a stability of 1.8 (moderately to extremely overstable). It has a wide rim and flat top that delivers superior distance off the tee in almost all wind con…

Discraft Banger GT - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Banger GT (Groove Top) putter golf disc has a stability rating of 1.0 (moderately overstable). It delivers consistency and confidence with every release. Great for forehand shots as well as backhand. It's o…