Discraft Titanium Line Golf Discs

Discraft disc golf discs in Titanium Plastic are top of the line.

* ultra-premium plastic
* pro grip and durability
* uniquely cool appearance
* highest performance blend

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Discraft Nuke - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium NUKE is a high performance maximum distance driver disc golf disc that is a game changer! The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give the NUKE a huge distance advantage and unparalleled …


Discraft Force - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium Force is a fast and sleek maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 2.0 (extremely overstable). It's wide rim, sleek profile and jaw-dropping glide provide a new level of distance potential. It'…


Discraft Nuke SS - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium NUKE SS is a maximum distance driver with a stability of 1.0. The moderately overstable disc delivers virtually effortless distance for newer players with lower arm speed. The Nuke SS gives developing pl…


Discraft Drone - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium Drone is a midrange driver with stabilities of 2.5 to 2.6 (extremely overstable). Disc golf players in windier places love it like no other for its ability to fight headwinds and not turn over. Very over…


Discraft Buzzz - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium Buzzz is a straight flying midrange driver with a stability of 0.5 (stable/slightly overstable). In comparison, the Pro D has a stability of 0.0 (stable). It has quickly become one of the most popular di…


Discraft Avenger SS - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium Avenger SS is a maximum distance driver with a Stability of 0.5 (slightly overstable). Discraft took the best aspects of the Avenger, its speed and glide, and flatted the edge. The result is a golf disc …