Discraft FLX Line Golf Discs

Discraft disc golf discs in FLX Plastic are the best all weather discs.

* soft and flexible
* a special ESP blend
* designed as cold weather alternative to firmer plastics, but golfers love it year around

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Discraft Avenger - FLX

The Discraft FLX Avenger is a moderately overstable maximum distance driver. It can be used by amateurs and pros alike. It can hold a line in the wind. You can throw it anhyzer and it will slowly fade back to a hyzer. Throw i…


Discraft Challenger - FLX

The Discraft FLX Challenger is an amazing overstable disc golf putter, stability of 1.0 and very popular with advanced players. It can get around trouble for those long hyzer putts and is overstable enough to take a good amou…


Discraft Drone - FLX

The Discraft FLX Drone is a midrange driver with stabilities of 2.5 to 2.6 (extremely overstable). Disc golf players in windier places love it like no other for its ability to fight headwinds and not turn over. Very overstabl…


Discraft Nuke - FLX

The Discraft FLX (ESP) NUKE is a maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 1.6, moderately overstable. This high performance disc is a game changer! The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give the NU…


Discraft Surge SS - FLX

The Discraft FLX Surge SS is a maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 1.6 (moderately overstable, less overstable than the Surge). It's for disc golf players who don't have quite enough snap to maximize the origin…


Discraft XL - FLX

The Discraft FLX XL is a distance driver with stability rating of 1.5 (moderately overstable). It is a golf disc for experienced players that files straight with very little fade. It is easy to control and holds an almost per…