These Discraft Extra Long Range Drivers are considered Slightly Overstable.

* Slightly Overstable is a term that describes a disc's flight pattern.
* Overstability, the tendency to turn left, is the more natural flight path for sharp edged discs.
* Overstable discs have a positive rating from 1(moderately for a subtle fade) to 3 (extremely for a hard turn).
* Slightly Overstable discs tend to fly rather straight but want to slightly turn or fade to the left for right handed back hand throws (RHBH). Opposite for lefties.
* These Slightly Overstable discs have Discraft Stability Ratings of +0.5 (almost straight).
* Considered "Amateur," great for beginners or experienced players.

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Discraft Cyclone - X

The Discraft Elite X Cyclone is a legendary extra long range driver with stabilities of 0.0 (stable) to 1.0 (slightly overstable). In the mid-90s, the Cyclone golf disc ruled the tee, and ushered in the era of disc golf drive…