Mid range drivers are thicker than fairway and distance drivers, but not as thick as putt and approach discs. Also, the profiles of mid range drivers are less sharp. They don't fly as fast and are recommend for beginners because they are easier to control than longer range drivers. They also make great multi-purpose discs meaning a player can play the entire course with just one disc. These mid range drivers have Stability Ratings of 0.5 to -0.5. Although these discs are considered beginner friendly, they are used by many top pros.

Starting with light weight, understable, Pro-D discs is recommended for new players. Lighter weight discs are easier to control and won't have as strong of a tendency to fade or curve. Understable discs are the most beginner friendly. Pro-D plastic discs are not only less expensive if you lose them, but they are more understable than the same models made with higher quality plastics. See more Beginner Information. Find more useful info on these links:

See Discraft's Disc At a Glance Chart | Discraft's Flight Guide | Disc Selection Advice | Discraft Plastics | Stability Ratings
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