DGA AfterShock - ProLine

MSRP: $17.00

Our Price: $14.90

The DGA AfterShock - ProLine is a midrange driver golf disc. It is a less overstable variation of the DGA Shockwave. The main features of the AfterShock are good glide and control It holds straight lines and turnover lines on a very consistent basis. It's perfect for approach shots, extremely versatile and good for players of all arm speed. The Aftershock is for players looking for increased accuracy; It has just the right amount of speed and glide to become your main midrange disc.

Available in D-Line ProLine, and SP plastics. Weights 164-177gms. Straight to slightly overstable.

Perfect for approach shots.
Extremely versatile.
Good glide and control.
Perfect for players of all arm speeds.
DGA ProLine plastic.

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