The Ching mid range multi-purpose discs have a range of approximately 100' - 300'. They are dull edged to round edged golf discs, usually with rims in the 10-15mm width range. Designed for short to medium range shots, and may be favored for accuracy to the pin.

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CHING® POWER™ LINE is blended with a special mix of materials designed for tournament-durability at an affordable price. Excellent grip in all weather, this plastic becomes 'experienced' over time for players that have learned to appreciate bag rotation. The Power™ Line was originally released in the old 'military' series, and has now been resurrected in very similar materials to fill their patented D.R.A.F.T.™ disc designs.

Ching Legacy - Supreme

Ching Legacy Supreme - Mid-Range disc, Ching's first recent release without dimples, made from a supple version of the Power plastic which gives it a great flexible feel. The Legacy has a low-profile, which almost makes it …


Ching Oracle - Supreme

Ching Oracle Supreme - Mid-range disc, features three triangle shaped dimples that extend out from the center of the disc towards the edge. In addition to looking really cool, the Supreme Oracle's dimples provide a very comfo…