HyzerBomb Frontline plastic offers superb durability and grip in a premium blend of plastic similar to Millennium Sirius plastic.
Frontline-X offers the same durability but with more flexibility and a softer grip. Reach for the one that feels better for you!

HyzerBomb Mortar - FrontLine

The HyzerBomb Frontline Mortar is an overstable midrange that high power throwers will love. Reliable and predictable even in extreme wind conditions. This premium plastic with extra give feels great in the hand and allows fo…


HyzerBomb Mortar - FrontLine-X

The HyzerBomb Mortar - FrontLine-X is an overstable midrange that has a flat top profile, making it so reliable and predictable even in windy conditions. Throw into a headwind and watch it hold the line and not turnover. This…