Discmania Disc Golf Discs

Discmania Golf Discs is a European based company established in 2006. They manufacture golf discs in association with Innova Champion Discs.

They offer top quality products to fit the abilities of all disc golfers. Discmania believes that disc golf can be mastered with only a handful of discs. Working with the expertise of Innova, their product line has gone from the backbone midrange MD1 to distance drivers and putters. They created each model, like it was their most important one. They designed discs to be timeless.

Discmania discs come in D-Line (DX), P-Line (Pro), C-Line (Champion) and S-Line (Star) plastics.
D-line - Great grip, affordable plastic (Limited availability in USA)
P-line - Great feel with extra glide
C-line - Super durable, vibrant color
S-line - Excellent grip and durability

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Discmania Chaos, PD2 - P Line

The Discmania Chaos, PD2 - P Line is an overstable long range driver. PD2 is another name for it as it is the 2nd power driver in their line of discs. The PD2 Chaos is like an Innova XCaliber with a little more speed and stab…