DGA Squall - ProLine

MSRP: $15.00

Our Price: $14.95

The DGA Squall - ProLine is a revolutionary midrange driver that is slightly understable. It features a driver-like grip, smooth release, super grippy and super durable ProLine plastic as well as incredible control for hyzer, anhyzer straight shots. It will hold very long anhyzers, as well as any flip to flat lines. It is one of the fastest midrange disc golf discs on the market. The Squall will be your 'go to' utility disc! It will allow you to drive short holes and find the basket on challenging midrange shots as it holds its flight path like no other. Use it in almost any situation.

This disc truly is a game changer and will make even then most seasoned players drop their go-to mid-range disc and pick up a Squall!

The Squall in ProLine plastic has superior grip and will achieve its intended flight characteristics earlier in its lifespan than in SP Line plastic.

ProLineslightly understable164-177+g
SP Lineslightly understable170-177+g

Controllable mid-range driver
Holds lines very well
High speed for mid-range class
Smooth release

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