DGA AfterShock - ProLine

MSRP: $17.00

Our Price: $14.95

The DGA ProLine AfterShock is a stable to slightly overstable midrange driver golf disc. It is a less overstable variation of the DGA Shockwave. The AfterShock features are good glide, control and extremely versatility. It holds straight lines and turnover lines on a very consistent basis. It can handle huge anhyzer lines and still produce a significant amount of fade at the end of its flight. It can be thrown on straight flight paths, as well as trustworthy hyzer lines. Use it off the tee or for long range approach shots. This disc golf disc can handle any arm speed and sticks to the line that you put it on. Great for all players, all arm speeds. The Aftershock is for players looking for increased accuracy. It has just the right amount of speed and glide to become your main midrange disc.

Features - perfect for approach shots, extremely versatile, good glide and control, perfect for players of all arm speeds.

Speed 5, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 2

Diameter 21.5 cm. Rim Width 1.3 cm. Rim Depth 1.3 cm.

ProLine plastic is tough, grippy and provides incredible performance. Increased marbling and pearling add to its aesthetic appeal. ProLine takes less time to beat in than the SP Line and will obtain its intended flight characteristics faster. It is considered DGA’s middle tier plastic blend and is great for players of all skill levels!

D LineSlightly Overstable167-177+g
ProLineSlightly Overstable167-177+g
SP LineSlightly Overstable167-177+g

Is it beginner friendly? "Yes and no. If it is a person who has never played before, then no, (it) is not a good beginner disc, just as any high speed anything. But if it is a player who has played a few times and is just getting into high speed stuff, then yes, it is considered a good starter disc." - Nick Maffei

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