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Innova TeeBird+ - GStar

Innova TeeBird+ - GStar
Innova TeeBird+ - GStar
Innova TeeBird+ - GStar
Innova TeeBird+ - GStar
Innova TeeBird+ - GStar

The Innova GStar TeeBird+ is an overstable fairway driver and one of Innova's most accurate and reliable disc golf drivers. It has a combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed that make it accurate and long flying both upwind and downwind. It is a very versatile driver, excellent for pin-point accuracy, distance and sidearm. The TeeBird+ differs from the regular TeeBird in that it is made from the slightly different mold called the Plus Mold. The angle of the rim under the disc was changed so that it angles outwards slightly more than the regular rim which is more of a 90° angle to the bottom of the disc. This slight angling gives the rim more weight resulting in better torque resistance and provides a smoother release. Everything else is the same.

Speed 7, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2

About GStar plastic in general - it has more flexibility and more grip than regular Star. It's more flexible in cold weather yet not floppy in hot weather. It retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastic. It's just as durable as Star and maybe slightly more since added flexibility prevents damage during hard hits. All said and done, it offers high performance, longevity, superior grip, flexibility and an amazing pearlescent sheen.

About Color and Weight Availability - This model may not be available in all colors. Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors. Therefore we ask you to list and prioritize your color preferences and to give us guidance if the color or weight range you want happens to not be available. Feel free to contact us if you need more specific info.

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