Innova Krait - Champion Fundraiser Tim Selinkse U.S. Masters 2012

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The Innova Krait is a distance driver with good straight line stability that handles power well. The comfortably smooth rim glides quite cleanly through the air. The Krait should prove popular with players who normally throw understable discs and are looking for a stable flyer.

The Krait sits between the Wraith and Archon in the speed 11 range. It has similar stability to the TeeDevil with a slightly smaller rim to appeal to a wider range of throwers. The Krait's unique ability to achieve a mellow low speed fade, while simultaneously resisting high speed turn makes it a perfect choice for long range shot shaping off the tee. The Krait provides a stable flight with a straight finish for most players. Power players can expect some turn for reliable shot shaping.

Power players will be able to use the Krait as a finesse driver or long range roller. Moderate arm speed produces a straight, long drive. Although the Krait doesn't have a lot of fade, it's still a very effective driver in windy conditions. Sidearm throwers will appreciate the resistance to turn combined with a slow fade at the end of the flight.

The Krait is a great choice for straight drives, 'Go to' distance drives and long distance shot shaping.

A special limited edition CFR Champ metal Flake Krait wa released to raise funds for the 2012 Tim Selinske US Masters championships in Louisville KY on Labor Day Weekend Aug 31 through Sept 2nd.

Available in:
Champion 165-175
Blizzard Champion 131-159 grams (130-139 float)
CFR Metal Flake Champion Plastic - 170-175 grams

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