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Millennium Golf Discs and HyzerBomb have teamed up to provide high-quality disc golf equipment. HyzerBomb has released new disc lines that will be exclusively "Powered by Millennium" and features an array of unique models and new plastics.

Base Plastic - similar to Millennium Standard plastic, the original premium plastic with precision grip, scuff-resistance and durability at an affordable price. Available in Base-Soft and Base-Firm to suit your preference.
Recon Plastic - similar to Millennium Quantum plastic, the most durable, translucent, smooth, solid feeling plastic with a long life of reliable performance.
Recon Flat Top - Recon plastic with a flattened top.
Frontline Plastic - similar to Millennium Sirius plastic, the ultimate combination of superior grip and die-hard durability.
Frontline-X Plastic - similar to Millennium Sirius plastic but with more flexibility and a softer grip.
Frontline-X Flat Top - Frontline-X plastic with a flattened top.

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Brand: HyzerBomb
The HyzerBomb Recon Marksman is a stable fairway driver and HyzerBomb’s first straight flyer. Designed for lazer lines in the woods and still handle power in the open, it has a touch of turn with lots of glide and moderate fade at the end of flight. Great for touch sidearm players, the Marksman will..
Brand: HyzerBomb
The HyzerBomb Recon Metal Flake Flat Top MOAB is an overstable fairway driver that high power throwers will love. The MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) is a retooled 4.1 Tachyon, produced to be extremely flat. The MOAB is a 6 speed, large diameter fairway driver, which is massively overstable. It will figh..
Brand: HyzerBomb
This run 1.5 of the HyzerBomb Recon Flat Top Mortar with the Big Jerm hotstamp has a microbead. The Mortar is Jeremy (Big Jerm) Koling's go-to midrange and a portion of the sale of each disc goes to support his tour.The HyzerBomb Recon Flat Top Mortar is an overstable mid range driver that high ..
Brand: HyzerBomb
The HyzerBomb Recon Veteran is a stable fairway driver. It offers a straight, controllable flight path for power drives, and can be played with a sharper fade at lower speeds. Its reliable fade also makes the Veteran a trustworthy disc golf driver in windy conditions. The Veteran is more stable with..
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