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MVP Mini Marker - Nano Proton Eclipse 2.0 - Skulboy

MVP Mini Marker - Nano Proton Eclipse 2.0 - Skulboy

This MVP Proton Eclipse 2.0 Nano Mini sports a Skulboy Design, created by artist Duncan Crawford with gritty skull inspired, comic book, monster-movie-like dark fantasy characters.

The MVP Proton Eclipse 2.0 Nano Mini is a disc golf mini marker suitable for playing mini disc golf or as a marker in competitive disc golf. It bears the same premium quality, aesthetics, and high production standards as MVP golf discs in half the diameter. Mark your lie in style, and reinforce that all-important confidence in your plastic.

For those who enjoy throwing mini discs, the Nano has a versatile straight-stable flight that can be used for low-power indoor throws as well as high-power outdoor throws. The Nano is a must-have for every MVP thrower. Great disc golf accessories.

Nano Model Specs:
Class: Mini Disc
Weights: 32g
Diameter: 10.5cm
Rim width: 5mm

Proton Eclipse 2.0 has an ultrabright core-based glow. This premium glow plastic is highly durable and is designed for visibility during the day or night.

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