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Dynamic Discs Marshal - Classic Blend (Medium)

Dynamic Discs Marshal - Classic Blend (Medium)

The Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Marshal is a stable putt and approach disc with a microbead and slim profile. It feels great in your hand and has a great release as well. This disc golf putter has more stability than one would expect from this profile. The Marshal will usher in a new era of confidence and comfort inside the circle.

Speed 3, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 1

Classic Blend is a combination of grip and flexibility in the Classic plastic series. If Classic Soft is too soft and Classic is too hard, reach for the blend!

About Color and Weight Availability - This model may not be available in all colors. Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors. Therefore we ask you to list and prioritize your color preferences and to give us guidance if the color or weight range you want happens to not be available. Feel free to contact us if you need more specific info.

What others have said:

"Hands down my favorite throwing putter. Any time I walk up to a straight approach, the Marshal is sure to get me close. This is one disc that I am sure will never leave my line up. So straight and dependable!" - Paige Pierce

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