Vibram Lace - X-LINK Medium

MSRP: 17.95

Our Price: $19.00

The Vibram X-Link Medium Lace is Vibram's first long range driver. It is a very fast and stable long distance driver. It is beefy enough to handle the wind and yet does not need insane power to get way down the fairway. The Lace is like a faster Trak with much more glide. 

Get ready to Lace one down the fairway - way down the fairway!

Fade 8, Speed 580' at 50 mph, Turn 7

Lace Specs:
Certification No.: 12-47
PDGA fee: $300
PDGA Approved
Outside diameter: 21.0 cm
Inside rim diameter: 16.3 cm
Height: 1.8 cm
Rim depth: 1.1 cm
Rim thickness: 2.4 cm
Flight plate thickness: 0.2 cm
Flight plate to rim plane distance: 1.6 cm
Flexibility rating: 8.05 kg
Rim configuration rating: 28.50
Maximum weight allowed: 174.3 g

Vibram Plastic Characteristics
The X-Link Medium material is a unique rubber-based compound which resists scuffs, has incredible durability and unequaled grip. Additionally, X-Link has a strong memory. If you do manage to bend it out of shape, in all likelihood it will work its way back.

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