Putters and Approach disc golf discs are thicker than drivers with more rounded or blunt profiles that grab the chains and drop in the basket. They are slower and don't fly as far as drivers. They are not only great for confident dependable putting but controlled short drives and mid range shots too. Putters come in many types of plastics offering a variety of grips, firmness and softness. Something for all skill levels.

This list of stable putters and approach discs can be sorted by Model (which is really Manufacturer), Price or Plastic which group discs together in groups that may help your search. Play around with it.

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Axiom Proxy - Neutron

The Axiom Neutron Proxy is a straight-stable putter and approach disc. It shares the Envy mold’s core, lending the same low-profile feel and solid grip, along with a short wing width and wide flight plate diameter for superio…


AquaFlight Peace Frog

The AquaFlight Peace Frog is a controllable stable disc golf putter as well as a straight line approach disc. When thrown at lower speeds the Peace Frog has a noticeable fade, at higher speeds it will jump straight at the bas…


ABC Money Putter - Bronze Line

The ABC Money Putter Bronze is the quality putter you need to make money on the tour or take it from your friends. No other disc will take as many strokes off your game as the Money. Get a stack of these precious discs and pr…