Vibram Ibex - X-LINK Soft

MSRP: $17.95

Our Price: $17.00

The Vibram X-Link Soft Ibex is Vibram's first mid range driver. It's also a stable and controllable approach disc. The Ibex can handle a good amount of power and does not mind powering down. It holds a hyzer straight much longer than one would expect. If you've got good arm speed, you are going to love popping the Ibex high up in the air on a slight 'anny' and watching it take a smooth, seemingly unending fade.

Fade 5, Speed 380' ati52 mph, Turn 7

The Vibram Ibex Soft is available in X-Link Soft.

Vibram Plastic Characteristics
X-Link Soft is a niche rubber-based compound. This material is the closest to pure rubber of Vibram’s three materials. In the putter line, this material flies well and will hit and stick, minimizing deflections. It also works well as a learning tool as the floppy material performs best when proper form is used. Note: Due to X-Link Soft being almost pure rubber, this material will dry and crack if left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

X-Link Soft is a special run that is only made once a year, usually in late September, early October. Contact us by mid-September to order your favorite models of X-Link Soft discs.

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