Vibram Vamp - X-LINK Firm

MSRP: $17.95

Our Price: $19.00

The Vibram X-Link Firm Vamp is an understable fairway driver that is easy to throw especially for those with limited power. Thrown with speed, it has amazing high glide and turn that stretch your distance to the max. It makes a good roller for players with good control and arm speed. Beginner players love the Vamp's forgiving flight characteristics, especially in the lighter weights. The Vamp's glide and ability to fly at low speeds will make you extremely satisfied.

Team Vibram players who love this disc:
Steve Dodge
Chase Hayden

Vibram Plastic Characteristics
The X-Link material is a unique rubber-based compound which resists scuffs, has incredible durability and unequaled grip. Additionally, X-Link has a strong memory. If you do manage to bend it out of shape, in all likelihood it will work its way back.

X-Link Firm is a rubber-based compound which is based on Vibram’s X-Link Medium. It is a special blend designed to maximize the firmness of the disc while maintaining as much of the grip and durability that is found in the base X-Link material. Over 50 formulations were tested in the creation of X-Link Firm to create its optimal performance.

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