DGA Flathead Cyclone - RDGA Line

MSRP: $9.99

Our Price: $8.95

The DGA RDGA Flathead Cyclone is a stable distance driver that is great for all players, especially beginners. It is easy to control whether you’re throwing straight, hyzer or anhyzer. This disc golf disc is a legendary driver that can be used from medium to long range applications. A true disc golf standard and a must have disc for players mastering the sport.

Features - controllable beginner's driver, great for low arm speeds, predictable flight.

Speed 7, Glide 4, Turn -1, Fade 1

Diameter 21.1 cm. Rim Width 1.7 cm. Rim Depth 1.1 cm.

RDGA Line plastic, like D line, is very tacky, provides superior grip in any weather condition and is the most economical. It reaches its intended flight characteristics earlier than ProLine and SP plastics.
RDGA discs weigh 150 grams and are extremely easy to throw with more control and grip. Good for beginners or just starting disc golf.

RDGA LineStable150g
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