Axiom Fireball - Neutron

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The Axiom Neutron Fireball is an overstable distance driver. Its defining characteristics are its wind and power resistance coupled with a delayed and focused fade. The Fireball is most similar in flight to a Motion, overstable and wind-resistant, but has an overall straighter and longer flight profile. This disc golf disc offers a longer forward push during its early stage of fade. It has a shorter and more abrupt fade than the Motion, which would have begun a long gradual fade, but all the high-speed turn resistance a headwind or forehand thrower could want. At the end of its flight the Fireball will drop later and more abruptly than the Motion. For many players it will fill the role of an overstable Tesla or Wrath.

High power throwers will get a fairly turn-free high speed stage that seems to hold a bit longer before fading, making the Fireball useful for long pan-outs, straight power shots, and sweeping hyzers. Average power throwers will get significant headwind resistance and see more easily workable lines than with the Motion.

The Fireball is equally suited to backhands and forehands. Its high speed stability allows for line-locking power shots, and its late fade helps range the disc for optimal course placement.

Fireball Model Specs:
Class: 20mm Distance Driver
Weights: 165 - 175 g
Diameter: 21.1 cm
Rim Width: 20mm
PDGA max weight: 175.1 g

Neutron plastic - a polymer blend that offers a premium look and feel while maintaining the excellent durability of Proton plastic. This unique blend offers a wide variety of bright opaque fluorescent colors that are easy-to-spot in any terrain and provides reliable performance in all conditions.

NeutronOverstable165-175 grams
ProtonOverstable165-175 grams
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