Axiom 1616 Neutron Thrill

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Our Price: $24.95

The Special Edition Axiom 1616 Neutron Thrill commemorates the July 1, 2016 release of the Thrill with a 3-Foil Stamp. The Axiom 1616 stamp is the Axiom artist's interpretation of what Axiom would have been 400 years ago -- a high-tech flying machine!  The design is executed in beautiful triple-foil stamping, with holographic silver and black foils and an accent color foil.

Axiom 1616 will be used during 2016 as a Special Edition Commemorative First Run Stamp.  Each 1616 stamp will be available only once for a limited amount of time and stamped on demand during first runs while supplies last. Total run counts for Special Editions, as opposed to quantity-based Limited Editions, are not released.

The Axiom Neutron Thrill is an overstable distance driver. This bomber is workably overstable for just about any arm, with strong resistance to turn even in strong headwinds. The Thrill's more power-hungry stability profile hits a midpoint between two MVP Disc Sports models, the Phase and Photon.

Thrill Model Specs
Class: 21.5mm Distance Driver
Weights: 175g - 155g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 21.5mm
PDGA max weight: 175.1g

The Axiom Discs 21.5mm Distance Driver Class features the Defy, Vanish and the Thrill, with the Thrill being the most overstable offering to date, 07/2016. Each of the Axiom models is designed to fit right in between the MVP 21.5mm models, forming a stability spectrum of high speed driver options to meet any player's needs. The Thrill debuted in grippy opaque dual-color Neutron plastic, July 1, 2016.

Neutron plastic - a polymer blend that offers a premium look and feel while maintaining the excellent durability of Proton plastic. This unique blend offers a wide variety of bright opaque fluorescent colors that are easy-to-spot in any terrain and provides reliable performance in all conditions.

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