Westside World - Elasto

MSRP: $16.99

Our Price: $14.95

The Westside Elasto World is a speed 14 overstable distance driver for big arms. Compared to the Westside Giant, the Westside World gives you more speed and distance thanks to small improvements, especially in the upper mold design. It has a low profile and a great feel. For strong arms, it holds a hyzer line. For lower speed arms it is overstable and fast in all conditions. PDGA approved.

Speed: 14 Glide: 4 Turn: 1 Fade: 4

Official specifications
Max weight 176,0 gram.
Diameter 21,2 cm.
Height 1,6 cm.
Rim depth 1,2 cm.
Rim thickness 2,4 cm.
Inside rim diameter 16,3 cm.
Rim depth/diameter ratio 5,7.
Flight plane thickness 0,2 cm.
Flight plane to rim plane distance 1,4 cm.
Rim configuration 28,00.
Flexibility 10,55.
PDGA certificate number 13-70.

Available in VIP, Elasto, and Tournament plastic, 167-175 grams

VIP plastic properties:

  • Super-durable hi-tech plastic with excellent performance
  • Beautiful translucent colors
  • Maintains flight characteristics and reliability for a longer time
  • Suitable for recreational and pro players
  • Very similar to Latitude Opto-plastic and Innova Champion plastic

Tournament plastic properties:

  • Advanced version of VIP-plastic containing technical polymers
  • Beautiful iridescent opaque colors, some solid colors
  • Same durability as VIP Plastic, but grip is slightly better
  • Very similar to Latitude GOLD plastic and Innova Star

Elasto plastic properties:

  • Transparent and flexible plastic
  • Great in cold and hot climate conditions
  • Similar to Latitude Frost plastic and Innova Gummy Champion
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