Aerobie Epic

MSRP: $14.99

Our Price: $13.50

The revolutionary, patented epicyclical design of the Aerobie Epic disc golf disc gives the disc the largest average rim width to reduce drag and produce amazingly long drives. The Epic golf disc is designed to be adjusted to each individual's throwing style and speed. Properly adjusted or tuned, you will throw it farther than any other disc. A card with tuning instructions comes with each disc.

Aerobie has one word of caution. You will almost certainly not like your first few throws with an Epic driver. Driving the Epic is like driving a Ferrari. It requires skill, concentration, and experience. If you take the time to test throw and adjust or tune the disc to your throwing speed and style, you will learn to capitalize on the Epic

How does the Epic golf disc's off-centeredness help it fly especially far?

The larger a golf disc’s rim width, the farther the golf disc will fly because a wide rim reduces drag. Unfortunately, a rim wider than about an inch is difficult to grip properly. Older design long range drivers typically have rim widths of about ¾”. Newer design ultra long range drivers typically have rim widths approaching 1” for lower drag and greater distance. The Epic driver has an average rim width of 1 5/16” for amazingly low drag and greater distance but to provide a good throwing grip, the rim narrows to 1” in one area. The rim gradually increases as you go around the disc with a maximum width of 1 5/8” directly across from the grip area. (from Aerobie, Inc.)

Weight: 166-169 grams
Available in orange, blue, and yellow.
Quality made in the U.S.A.

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