Latitude Zero Mercy

Soft, Medium and Hard

MSRP: $12.99

Our Price: $10.95

The Latitude 64 Mercy - Zero is a stable putt and approach disc. It's design features a deeper rim and slower speed than their earlier putters which makes it a very good alternative. The Mercy has stable and consistant flight for putting, approach and short drives.

Available in the Eze/Zero line. Zero Soft, Medium and Hard.

Flight ratings are:
Speed: 2, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 1

2013 - premium putters in the Zero Line are back on shelves. In the fall of 2012, Latitude had not been satisfied with the outcome of some of the Eze Line discs, therefore production in Eze Line material was put on hold and premium putters were brought back in the Zero line.

A little history:

In 2012, Latitude 64 released a 2nd version of "DX" type plastic. They tested materials on Pure, Vision and Bolt discs which have neutral flight characteristics. Their impression of this LE2 plastic was that it was a bit grippier right away without the production slickness found at first in the LE1 discs.

May 2012 update - The LE2 Test Run had been selected as the new Latitude 64 Eze Line which replaced the Zero Line as Latitude 64 wanted to take this material into discs other than just putters. Zero Line plastic was not possible to use in drivers and midranges which is why they tested alternatives to it. Eze Line was first released in putters. It was more durable than the Zero line and was able to be produced in several degrees of stiffness. Latitude 64 started out with a stiff version when they released the Mercy in this material. Soft Eze was to be available in summer 2012. By fall 2012, due to the fact that they were not happy with results, they put the Eze on hold and brought premium putters back in the Zero Line.

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