Overstable is a term that describes the overall flight patterns of golf discs, i.e. where they land compared to their starting point.

* Overstable discs are recommended for players with experience.
* Comparable to a 'Hook' in ball golf.
* Fade opposite the spin (hook) when thrown flat, straight and with average power. Which means...
* RHBH (right hand back hand) throws spin right and fade left (hook). Opposite for lefties, i.e. LHBH (left hand back hand) throws spin left and turn right.
* Fade in proportion to the speed of release. Fast released discs fly rather straight at the beginning of their flight until they lose speed and start to fade off to the left toward the end of their flight, hence ending more left compared to their starting point. Slower released discs won’t fly very far before fading left very quickly (sharp hook).
* The higher the speed of release, the less sharp the fade or hook.
* The more overstable a disc, the greater the tendency to fade opposite the direction of the spin (sharp hook).
* Great choice when you need a disc that finishes hard left, (for RHBH).
* Typically used by strong arm high speed throwers.
* Work well against the wind.
* The more overstable, the greater wind they can handle.
* Work well for skip shots.

These overstable mid range drivers can be sorted by Model (which is really Manufacturer), Price or Plastic to arrange them in groups that may help your search. Play around with it.

If you still have questions about what type of discs fit you best, contact us for friendly expert advice. We've been in the business since 1987, throwing even longer and we love what we do!

Discraft Buzzz - Z 10 Year Midnight

The Discraft Midnight Buzzz with the original Wasp tooling on the inside rim was produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Buzzz. Only 1,000 were made. Discraft is donating their proceeds to the non-profit Disc Golf F…


Discraft Buzzz - Z 10 year Anniversary Edition

The Discraft Elite Z 10 year Anniversary Edition Buzzz celebrates a decade of one of the world's most popular golf discs. Only 10,000 were made so don't miss out on one of the most collectible discs of the decade! The Disc…


Innova RocX3 - Champion Proto Star Stamp

This is a first run, proto star stamped Champion RocX3. The Innova Champion RocX3 is an overstable mid range driver. Thirty years after the Roc was launced, along comes Innova's most overstable version yet, the RocX3. They…


Millennium Sentinel MF - Quantum Glow, Steve Brinster Commemorative Edition

The Millennium Quantum Glow Sentinel MF - Steve Brinster Commemorative Edition (Midrange Fade) is an overstable mid range driver. This Sentinel has a blend of Jolly Launcher and Quantum plastics after Steve tested and approve…


Discmania MD4 Glow - C Line - 2017 Lizotte Signature Series

The Simon Lizotte Glow C-line MD4 Crescent Falcon is the second disc in the 2017 Signature Series. You can fly this disc day or night with amazing speed, accuracy, and vision. The Discmania C-Line MD4 is an overstable mid …


Discraft Buzzz - Z Glo Dyed USADGC Commemorative Edition

The Discraft Elite Z Glo/Dye USADGC Commemorative Edition Buzzz supports the 2014 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships, held June 6-8. Only 2,000 were made, so this is a very limited run. This unique edition features…


Innova Roc - Champion Luster - 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary Luster Champion Roc - 30 Years & Soaring! Introduced in 1987, the Roc was among the first discs to give players unprecedented control and distance. This legendary bird remains a classic and, as illustr…


Innova Gator - Champion Glow DU Open 2015

The Innova Champ Glow Gator golf disc is a mid range driver that is overstable. Even in windy conditions, the Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots. This is a great golf disc for mid range sh…


Innova VCobra, Star - Proto Star

Proto Start Stamp First Release Star VCobra. The Innova Star VCobra is a predictable midrange driver that is overstable. This slightly larger diameter, lower-profile, fast disc has a V-Tec convex outer rim. V-Tec puts more…


Innova Shark 3 - Champion - US Master's

The Innova Champion Shark3 was introduced in MetalFlake featuring a special design to support the US Masters in Burlington, NC, May 2013. The Shark3 is a sleeker Shark mold that is faster. Faster and sleeker than the origi…


Latitude Compass - Gold X-Blend Burst - Wysocki

The Ricky Wysocki Gold X-Blend Burst Compass commemorates his second consecutive World Championship! To commemorate Ricky’s win, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs collaborated to create a special Burst Pattern on…


Discraft Buzzz - Z Liberty - USADGC 2017

Discraft Liberty Buzzz supports the 2017 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships, June 2 - 4 in Milford Michigan, presented by Discraft. This Limited Edition Liberty Buzzz is on Z Sparkle plastic. No weight or color cho…


Discraft Buzzz - Z Glo - Halloween 2017

The Discraft Z Glo Halloween Buzzz is the pumpkin spice of disc golf that comes around each Halloween. This is the 2017 edition. All discs are heavy, in white Z Glo and with various foil colors. The Discraft Elite Z Glo Bu…


Discraft Buzzz OS - Z Glo - Memorial

This Limited Edition Z Glo Buzzz OS is a fundraiser disc to benefit the 2015 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. Only 2000 made. All weights are heavy. About the Z Buzzz OS: The Discraft Elite Z Buzzz OS is …


Vibram Obex - X-LINK Medium Granite

The Vibram X-Link Medium Granite Obex is an overstable midrange which complements the stable Ibex. Offering a smooth, natural release, this disc loves a headwind and has a surprisingly long glide for an overstable disc. If yo…


MVP Vector - Proton Eclipse

The MVP Proton Eclipse Vector is a slightly overstable midrange driver that holds a long straight line with a slow predictable fade. For high and medium power throwers alike, the Vector's bead allows for added stability so yo…


HyzerBomb Mortar - Recon Flat Top

This run of the Recon Mortar with the Big Jerm hotstamp has a microbead. The Mortar is Jeremy (Big Jerm) Koling's go-to midrange and a portion of the sale of each disc goes to support his tour. The HyzerBomb Recon Flat Top…


HyzerBomb MOAB - Recon Flat Top

The HyzerBomb Recon Flat Top MOAB is an overstable fairway driver that high power throwers will love. The MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) is a retooled 4.1 Tachyon, produced to be extremely flat. The MOAB is a 6 speed, large diame…


Innova RocX3 - Star Pumpkin

This 2017 Halloween season, Innova Pumpkin Discs include the Star RocX3 with a spooky XXL stamp on black and orange discs. The Innova Star RocX3 is an overstable mid range driver. Thirty years after the Roc was launced, al…


Innova Rancho Roc - Flag Design – Star

The Innova Star Two-Color Flag Design Rancho ROC celebrates our independence! this This limited edition disc is proudly made in the USA. It sports a red and blue flag design logo stamped on white star plastic. Celebrate! Go o…


Dynamic Discs Justice - Moonshine

The Dynamic Discs Moonshine Justice is a very overstable midrange driver. This disc golf disc will not turn over. It will prevent strong wind from making the most experienced throwers look like, well, not so experienced. It's…


Vibram Obex - X-LINK Medium

The Vibram X-Link Medium Obex is an overstable midrange which complements the stable Ibex. Offering a smooth, natural release, this disc loves a headwind and has a surprisingly long glide for an overstable disc. If you need t…


Vibram Obex - X-LINK FIRM

The Vibram X-Link Firm Obex is an overstable midrange which complements the stable Ibex. Offering a smooth, natural release, this disc loves a headwind and has a surprisingly long glide for an overstable disc. If you need gua…


Discraft Buzzz - Z Super Color

The Discraft Elite Z Super Color Buzzz is a straight flying midrange driver with a stability of 0.5 (straight to slightly overstable). In comparison, the Pro D has a stability of 0.0 (stable). It has quickly become one of the…


Westside Bard - Tournament

The Westside Tournament Bard is an overstable midrange driver. It was created for stability and resistance to the wind. The Bard feels great in the hand, has an easy release and very predictable flight and fade. It stands up …