Axiom Inspire - Neutron

Our Price: $16.90

The Axiom Neutron Inspire is an understable fairway driver. It is the second fairway driver from Axiom Discs, and is an understable complement to the breakout hit Crave. Skilled players will be able to get smooth straight and turnover/flip lines from the Inspire, while beginners and lower-powered throwers will gain distance and usability from its understable nature. Inspire is the easiest-to-throw GYRO™ driver.

The Inspire is available in Neutron plastic.

Available in weights 160 - 175 grams.

MVP discs have a unique over-molded edge that is soft and tacky yet allows flexibility and firmness in the body. A softer outside edge will aid in grabbing the chains and dropping into the basket. The edge where the flight plate meets the rim is rounded, providing a comfortable grip so your fingers conform to the disc.

For the Eclipse (Glow in the dark) discs, MVP uses the brightest glow mixture available and heavily concentrates it in the bright white overmold rim for a stellar night glow effect. They are BRIGHT!

Proton plastic is produced with some of the most durable plastics in the industry. It has immense abrasion resistance from impact resulting in very slow wear and very long life. It is produced with bright candy transparent colors. Proton plastic is comprised of the most durable polymers to offer high performance and withstand the roughest conditions. It has such great clarity and durability because the central core is not contaminated with any weighting agents like most conventional golf discs. The weight products are placed in the outer ring to enhance the GYRO™ Technology and maintain polymer purity in the central core so that the beautiful colors are always vivid and clear. Another unique advantage of the polyurethane MVP uses is the vast variety of flexibility. Ions are available in Medium and Soft.

Neutron plastic (new 07/12) is a polymer blend that offers a premium look and feel while maintaining the excellent durability of Proton plastic. This unique blend offers a wide variety of bright opaque fluorescent colors easy-to-spot in any terrain. Neutron is your go-to polymer for continued reliable performance in all conditions.

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