Discraft Spectra - Z Super Color PhaZe 4

MSRP: $20.00

Our Price: $17.00

The Discraft Elite Z Spectra is a maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 1.0 (moderately overstable). The Spectra is super fast, easy to control and delivers more distance with less arm speed. This downwind driver comes exclusively in Z-SuperColor designs. We are on the 4th "PhaZe" of designs, each PhaZe having had 11 designs. The Z Spectra is also available for fundraising.

Amateur and Pro Disc Golf World Championships '06 are available.

Available in Z SuperColor designs, Stability 1.0, Weights 164-174 grams

"Wow! This is the disc that I will finally throw over 500 feet. I can't say enough about its speed and flight. I would recommend the Spectra if you don't throw real hard but are looking for extra distance without the big hyzer finish" - Scott Poppa

"Best tailwind driver out there. These babies GO! It will hold a turn for a long ride, then have a big swooping hyzer at the end of it's flight. Beautiful designs on these discs too." - Timmy Gill

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