Overstable is a term that describes the overall flight patterns of golf discs, i.e. where they land compared to their starting point.

* Overstable discs are recommended for players with experience.
* Comparable to a 'Hook' in ball golf.
* Fade opposite the spin (hook) when thrown flat, straight and with average power. Which means...
* RHBH (right hand back hand) throws spin right and fade left (hook). Opposite for lefties, i.e. LHBH (left hand back hand) throws spin left and turn right.
* Fade in proportion to the speed of release. Fast released discs fly rather straight at the beginning of their flight until they lose speed and start to fade off to the left toward the end of their flight, hence ending more left compared to their starting point. Slower released discs won’t fly very far before fading left very quickly (sharp hook).
* The higher the speed of release, the less sharp the fade or hook.
* The more overstable a disc, the greater the tendency to fade opposite the direction of the spin (sharp hook).
* Great choice when you need a disc that finishes hard left, (for RHBH).
* Typically used by strong arm high speed throwers.
* Work well against the wind.
* The more overstable, the greater wind they can handle.
* Work well for skip shots.

These overstable distance drivers can be sorted by Model (which is really Manufacturer), Price or Plastic to arrange them in groups that may help your search. Play around with it.

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Vibram O-Lace - X-LINK

The Vibram X-Link O-Lace is an overstable long range driver. This overstable compliment to the Lace is able to handle headwind and torque. It provides the reliability, speed, and distance of a Lace, but it's a bit more overst…


Westside World - Tournament

The Westside Tournament World is a speed 14 overstable distance driver for big arms. Compared to the Westside Giant, the Westside World gives you more speed and distance thanks to small improvements, especially in the upper m…


Westside Sword - Tournament

The Westside Tournament Sword is a long stable/overstable distance driver with lots of glide and accuracy. The Sword reacts well to different release angles and holds the angle during the whole flight. This makes the Sword gr…


Westside King - Tournament

The Westside Tournament King is a slightly overstable distance driver that is fast and good for ultimate distance without sacrificing control. It has a solid reliable flight without being too overstable. Westside King has a r…


Westside Giant - Tournament

The Westside Tournament Giant is a fast overstable long-range driver for big arms. Its flight characteristics are similar to an Innova Ape which is great for windy conditions, sharp doglegs, powerful backhand and sidearm thr…


Latitude XXX - Gold

The Latitude 64 XXX - Gold is a very overstable distance driver. The XXX is sincerely a disc golf disc for the "big guns" and not for children. It's not only overstable, it is a headwind driver, a hurricane season driver. You…


Latitude Villain - Gold

The Latitude 64 Gold Villain is an overstable driver. The Villain is designed for those who have a big arm and want to go flat out in any condition. It can also be used for tomahawk throws and as a forehand finesse driver. …


Latitude Stiletto - Gold

The Latitude 64 Stiletto - Gold is the most overstable disc they have made to date! Most likely they will never produce something more overstable. This disc was designed based on feedback from the players Latitude now sponsor…


Latitude Scythe - Gold

The Latitude 64° Gold Scythe is an overstable and very reliable high speed driver, produced for the experienced players that need a disc to deliver both speed and control. It will slice through the air like a sharp scythe sli…


Latitude Saint - Gold

The Latitude 64 Saint - Gold is a long range driver. It is stable to slightly overstable on drives up to 350 ft and has good carry. Compared to already existing models it is close to being a longer River. It is available i…


Latitude Riot - Gold

The Latitude 64 Gold Riot is an overstable high speed driver for the professional player. The Riot has lots of speed and control. It is very suitable for low hard shots like under trees, but also as a main driver on open fiel…


Latitude Missilen - Gold

The Latitude 64 Gold Hex Missilen (The Missile, in Swedish) is an overstable distance driver. It features hexagon shaped cavities in the surface of both the top of the disc and the bottom of the rim. This pattern has been tes…


Latitude Halo - Gold

The Latitude 64 Halo - Gold is a high speed overstable long range driver with excellent speed and distance. This is the longest Latitude driver. The wide weight span will make it fit in many players' bags, from pros to amateu…


Dynamic Discs Trespass - Fuzion

The Dynamic Discs Fuzion Trespass is a wide rim, high speed, overstable driver with precision control and maximum distance. A very accurate driver, a must for the arsenal. Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -0.5 Fade: 3 Available…


MVP Tesla - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Tesla is a stable-overstable distance driver. The Tesla’s responsive design balances subtle turn and reliable fade, while a pronounced glide and forward finish gain extra distance. This disc golf disc goes fur…


MVP Photon - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Photon is a stable to overstable distance driver. The Photon is best described as a longer Tesla allowing power throwers the ability to achieve some flight extending turn and all throwers to get a reliable fad…


MVP Motion - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Motion is an overstable distance driver. The Motion is designed to resist turnover from power or headwind during a long straight travel, followed by a reliable fade. Fans of the Resistor will appreciate the Mo…


Discraft Nuke - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium NUKE is a high performance maximum distance driver disc golf disc that is a game changer! The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give the NUKE a huge distance advantage and unparalleled …


Discraft Force - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium Force is a fast and sleek maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 2.0 (extremely overstable). It's wide rim, sleek profile and jaw-dropping glide provide a new level of distance potential. It'…


Discraft Avenger SS - Titanium

The Discraft Titanium Avenger SS is a maximum distance driver with a Stability of 0.5 (slightly overstable). Discraft took the best aspects of the Avenger, its speed and glide, and flatted the edge. The result is a golf disc …


Axiom Wrath - Neutron

The Axiom Neutron Wrath is a stable-overstable distance driver. It is a more turn resistant compliment to the Insanity. Power throwers will find the Wrath able to turn on command to stretch out and shape distan…


Axiom Fireball - Neutron

The Axiom Neutron Fireball is an overstable distance driver. The Fireball is most similar in flight to a Motion, but for many players will fill the role of an overstable Tesla or Wrath. The Fireball offers a longer forward pu…


Legacy Outlaw - Icon

The Legacy Icon Outlaw is a high speed overstable distance driver. It fits between Distance Drivers and Fairway Drivers. The Outlaw will come off the tee with high speed but less than that of a Rampage and Cannon. The slower …


Discraft Nuke - Z CryZtal Fundraiser for 2012 Discs Unlimited Open

The Discraft CryZtal Z NUKE is a maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 1.6, moderately overstable. This high performance disc is a game changer! The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give the NU…


MVP Tesla - Proton

The MVP Proton Tesla is a stable-overstable distance driver. The Tesla’s responsive design balances subtle turn and reliable fade, while a pronounced glide and forward finish gain extra distance. This disc golf disc goes furt…