Innova Monarch - Champion Dyed

MSRP: $18.99

Our Price: $15.95

The Innova Champion Dyed Monarch is a great beginner friendly distance driver that is understable. It has significant high speed turn making the Monarch a good choice for beginning disc golf players and those with slower arm speeds. The Monarch also makes a great roller disc. This disc is much like a faster Roadrunner with more glide. Great for beginners looking for a fast distance driver, and great for advanced players looking for an out of the box roller. The Monarch is the first speed 10 disc to be available in weights below 160 grams. Highly recommended beginner friendly distance driver.

Speed 10, Glide 5, Turn -4, Fade 1

ChampionUnderstable153-175 grams
Champion DyedUnderstable165-175

"The Monarch is such a great disc. I would say they have taken about 4 or so strokes off my game. The Monarch is a really dependable turnover disc. If I lose one, it is easy to get another one because I can just pull a new one out of my car and know what it's gonna do." - Courtney Peavy

If you are looking for a disc with
more Fade, try a Beast
more Turn, try a Mamba
more Glide, try a Kite

Other Speed 10 discs include the Monster, Orc, SL, Starfire and Beast.

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