Vibram Summit - X-LINK Medium

MSRP: $17.95

Our Price: $22.00

The X-Link Medium Summit is an understable putt and approach disc golf disc from Vibram. It compliments the overstable V.P. putter. The Summit flies straight at lower speeds. It is great for beginners as well as players looking for a predictable finesse approach disc. At faster speeds, the Summit holds a predicable anhyzer line. It has a smaller bead than the V.P. putter.

Fade 5, Speed 270' at 40 mph, Turn 12

Vibram Plastic Characteristics
The X-Link Medium material is a unique rubber-based compound which resists scuffs, has incredible durability and unequaled grip. Additionally, X-Link has a strong memory. If you do manage to bend it out of shape, in all likelihood it will work its way back.

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