Typically distance drivers have the thinnest and sharpest edged profiles and the widest rims. Due to their sleekness, they are very fast and more difficult to control than fairway drivers and mid range drivers. Generally speaking, they are recommended for players with experience and not for beginners with very little experience.

These stable distance drivers can be sorted by Model (which is really Manufacturer), Price or Plastic to arrange them in groups that may help your search. Play around with it.

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Innova Colossus - GStar Proto Star Stamp

TheInnova GStar Colossus is Innova's first driver to eclipse the speed 13 barrier. It casts a long shadow. Standing tall atop the disc golf charts, Innova made a faster driver than can be handled by the masses. Speed 14, G…


Innova Groove - Champion Proto Star-Stamp

The Innova Champion Proto Star-Stamp Groove is a Speed 13, wide rim distance driver that is straight. An innovative groove or channel on the underside of the rim allows this driver to be molded in lighter weights than ot…


Millennium JLS - Lunar Quantum - Nick Hyde Memorial Edition

Proceeds from these limited edition Lunar Quantum JLS will go directly to Hyzerbomb's Nick Hyde Memorial to help support the event. The Millennium Lunar Quantum JLS is a stable distance driver that is very dependable and v…


Latitude Flow - Gold - Fundraiser for '10 Players Cup

The Latitude Flow is a stable high speed driver with good glide and could be compared to the Halo and River. It has a domey top which gives it good lift and glide. The rim is quite sharp and comfortably wide for the grip. …


Discraft Starter Set - 3 Disc Set

The Discraft 3 Disc Set contains the essentials you need to play the game of disc golf:  a driver, a mid range and a putter-approach disc. This set is great gift for any player and it takes the guessing out of what di…


Innova Dominator - Champion Proto Star Stamp

The Innova Champion Dominator is a fast, straight stable distance driver. This speed 13+ driver is designed to give the best of control and long line shaping for higher power players. Similar to the Katana, with more high spe…