Typically distance drivers have the thinnest and sharpest edged profiles and the widest rims. Due to their sleekness, they are very fast and more difficult to control than fairway drivers and mid range drivers. Generally speaking, they are recommended for players with experience and not for beginners with very little experience.

These stable distance drivers can be sorted by Model (which is really Manufacturer), Price or Plastic to arrange them in groups that may help your search. Play around with it.

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Discraft Mantis - Z

The Discraft Z Mantis is a maximum distance driver, with stability ratings of 0.8 (stable to slightly overstable). The Mantis is nicely domey with a lower profile to the nose, making it even more controllable at medium to slo…


Discraft Nuke SS - Z Lite

The Discraft Z Lite NUKE SS is a lightweight maximum distance driver with a stability of 1.0. The moderately overstable disc delivers virtually effortless distance for newer players with lower arm speed. The Nuke SS gives dev…


Discraft Spectra - Z Super Color PhaZe 4

The Discraft Elite Z Spectra is a maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 1.0 (moderately overstable). The Spectra is super fast, easy to control and delivers more distance with less arm speed. This downwind driver…


Discraft Xpress - Z Dyed

The Discraft Elite Z Dyed Xpress is an extra long turnover driver with stability rating of 0.0 (stable). It is an excellent choice when you need to throw a long slow anhyzer. The Xpress will hold that turnover line and keep o…