Innova TeeDevil - Star Proto Star-Stamp

Our Price: $20.00

The Innova Star Proto Star-Stamp TeeDevil is a distance driver that is slightly overstable. It was designed to give the thrower huge distance along with complete control. The increased glide and decreased fade lead to an easily controlled distance driver that really rips! The ease of distance and control make the TeeDevil an ideal choice for almost any shot off the tee. With less fade than the Destroyer, the TeeDevil gives you precise control over distance drives. The TeeDevil is less overstable or straighter than the Destroyer. 21.2 cm diameter.

It is a great choice for distance with accuracy, straight drives and your go to driver.

The CFR MetalFlake or Glitter TeeDevil is a fundraiser for the 2012 Pro/Am World Championships held in Charlotte, NC.

Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 2

Champion BlizzardSlightl Overstable130-159
Champion CFRSlightly Overstable165-175
StarSlightly Overstable165-175
Star Proto Star StampSlightly Overstable165-175

"Very stable for less powerful throwers like me. But, I know I can throw it hard into a head wind and it will go dead straight a long ways! Very fast and the wide rim is still easy to grip." - Alan Beaver

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