Vibram Sole - X-LINK Firm

MSRP: $17.95

Our Price: $22.00

The Vibram X-Link Firm Sole- is a stable putter off the tee. It is designed with a slight dome, a more rounded shoulder, and is Vibram's first traditionally shaped putter with a bevel on the bottom of the wing. The Sole has a tad more glide than Vibram's line-up of flat-topped (great driving) putters, the V.P., Ridge and Summit. If you've been looking for a traditional putter, with great grip, in a highly durable material, get your hands on the Vibram Sole.

Fade 9, Speed 320' at 50mph, Turn 5

Vibram Plastic Characteristics
X-Link Firm is a rubber-based compound which is based on Vibram’s X-Link. It is a special blend designed to maximize the firmness of the disc while maintaining as much of the grip and durability that is found in the base X-Link material. Over 50 formulations were tested in the creation of X-Link Firm to create its optimal performance.

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