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Legacy Cannon - Icon

The Legacy Icon Cannon is a distance driver. The Cannon is a less stable high speed driver compared to the Rampage. Super quick off the tee pad, it has a quick turn, tons of glide and a slow fade. Power throwers will be tu…


Legacy Bandit - Icon

The Legacy Icon Bandit is an understable fairway driver. It is the easiest Legacy driver to learn. Beginning players will love the ease of throwing it. Experienced players will love the long turnover shots or epic rolle…


Innova Eagle - DX

The Innova DX Eagle is a fairway driver that is straight. As Innova's original, professional level golf disc, it ushered in a new era for distance and reliability. The Eagle’s superior speed and predictable flight characteris…


Innova Dragon - DX

The Innova DX Dragon is a beginner friendly lightweight fairway driver golf disc that is straight. It has excellent glide for less powerful throwers who want to get more distance with less effort. Made of a special DX plastic…


Innova Destroyer - DX

The Innova DX Destroyer is a distance driver that is stable to overstable. It is a very fast golf disc with significant glide. Faster than the Wraith and with a little more high and low speed stability. Can handle headwinds a…


Innova Dart - DX

The Innova DX Dart is a putt and approach disc that is super straight. The Dart is a small diameter golf disc well suited for all players. The Dart is especially good for long range putts and go-for shots. It has a flight sim…


Innova Cro - DX

The Innova DX Cro is a mid range driver that is slightly overstable. It flies is well suited for both backhand and forehand shots. Many players have switched to the Cro for accurate, predictably stable drives and approaches. …


Innova Condor - DX

The Innova Condor is a Specialty disc that has long been a favorite of disc golf pros throwing thumb rollers and is available in heavy weights for just that purpose. The Condor is Innova's largest diameter and heaviest weight…


Innova Cobra - DX

The Innova DX Cobra is a predictable midrange driver that is straight to slightly understable. This slightly larger diameter disc is an excellent all-around disc that is easy to grip, easy to throw straight and has great glid…


Innova Cheetah - DX

The Innova Cheetah - DX is a straight fairway driver and an easy disc to learn. It flies straight for mid to long range shots on narrow fairways for all skill levels. It is a very versatile disc that is predictably stable at …


Discmania P1 (Maniac) - S Line

The Discmania S-Line P1 Maniac is a straight ideal putter and it works great as an approach disc. The P1 flight characteristic is very straight at high and low speeds. It is very soft and rubbery. This is one of the truest fl…