Millennium Scorpius - Quantum and Zero-G Quantum

MSRP: $16.99

Our Price: $13.95

The Millennium Quantum Scorpius is a high speed ultra-long range fade driver (overstable).  It is a step below the Quasar in terms of speed and fade, but will provide excellent distance and control for into-the-wind conditions.  It is recommended for moderate-powerful throwers who need something that with dependable fade and sustained glide.  

Best for Intermediate and Advanced players, but suitable for beginners if using lighter weights
The Quantum Scorpius contains “Stardust” for a unique glimmer.  The Zero-G Scorpius is not available with Stardust.
Quantum StardustOverstable   165-175 grams
Zero G QuantumOverstable  130-164
SiriusOverstable  165-175




Zero-G, short for Zero-Gravity, refers to the 'weightlessness' of these discs.  Constructed with Quantum plastic, short bursts of air are injected into the plastic during the molding process to obtain weight ranges from 130-164 grams while maintaining original flight characteristics.  Try one, and effortlessly achieve your longest throws ever.  Weights 139 grams or less will float in water!

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