DGA Shockwave - ProLine

MSRP: $16.99

Our Price: $14.95

The DGA Shockwave - ProLine is a deadly accurate super overstable midrange driver with great line control and predictability. For advance and pro disc golf players. It is overstable enough to not flip over in the wind and great for hyzer approach shots. This golf disc has become a favorite for big arm players that have trouble finding a disc that won't flip over and become understable for them. It finishes with a hard fade you can count on. It features super grip, super durable ProLine plastic, it's great in a headwind and has consistent fade. The Shockwave can be used to park short drives and will make an impact on your approach game.

This disc can handle a solid snap or a stiff head wind and still fade left hard! Great for forearm approaches, as well as a variety of trick shots that players inevitably encounter. The ProLine Shockwave is great for experienced players, or beginners who are looking to work on their hyzer approach shots.

The Shockwave in ProLine plastic will ensure superior grip even under the most extreme weather conditions.

Features -- Super over-stable, Great in head winds, Consistent fade, Predictable finish, Increased turn, Perfect for advanced and pro players.

Speed 4, Glide 2, Turn 0, Fade 3
21.5 cm diameter. Rim Width 1.3 cm. Rim Depth 1.3 cm.
Available in ProLine, 167-177 grams. Very Overstable
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