Stable is a term that describes the overall flight pattern of golf discs, i.e. where they land compared to their starting point.

* Great for beginners but also found in the bags of many pros.
* Tend to fly straight when thrown flat, straight and with average power.
* Very consistent.
* Indispensable.

These stable fairway drivers can be sorted by Model (which is really Manufacturer), Price or Plastic to arrange them in groups that may help your search. Play around with it.

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Discraft Cyclone - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Cyclone is a legendary, extra long range, stable fairway driver (1.0). In the mid-90s, the Cyclone golf disc ruled the tee, and ushered in the era of disc golf drivers made from high-tech engineered polymer…


Discmania Fox Spirit - Active

The Discmania Active Fox Spirit is a stable fairway driver, the first fairway driver in Discmania’s Active line. Designed for all skill levels, the Fox Spirit flies straight with minimal turn and reliable fade. The stability …


Innova Eagle - Star Swirly - Gregg Barsby Tour Series 2019

This Innova Star Swirly Eagle is a fundraiser disc for the 2019 Gregg Barsby Tour Series. You have the opportunity to directly support Gregg and his touring efforts in 2019. He will receive a substantial portion of every d…