Thanks for your interest in carrying disc golf discs and related products. Hopefully this information will help you. Please let us know when you have questions!

We usually start stores at rates for 25, 50 and 100+ disc orders, however we do have rates for 200 and 500 if you qualify and have great credit.

You can mix and match brands and types to get the 25, 50 or 100 disc quantities. You do not need to order 25, 50 or 100 of each brand! You do not have to order the same quantity each time you order. We will honor 'your rate' even if you order just a few discs at times to fill in.

If you are unfamiliar with the discs, we will gladly put together assortments for you.

Order Forms
Our basic order form lists just about everything we carry. It's pretty basic in that it doesn't allow you to order by weight categories and bag color for instance. But know that we will send a variety of weights and colors. If you have general guidelines you want us to follow, please put them in the notes sections.

Our 'Make your Own Order Form' allows you to give us more details. It also allows us to sort it in the order which makes it easier for us to pull. Please put general notes about things we need to know at the TOP of the order form and notes about item details in the same row as that item.

You can email, fax or call in your order. Remember that we would be happy to put together an assortment for you.

In setting up an account, new customers are required to pay UPS COD per box, or pre pay by credit card, check, money order or wire transfer. On orders paid by credit card, a 3% convenience fee is added. UPS charges $12 per box for COD which may be less expensive than the 3% depending on the size of your order. There are no additional fees if you pre pay with a check or money order, but it will result in a processing delay as we will wait for a check to clear. Customers will become eligible for better payment terms (i.e. Pay upon Receipt or Net 30 days) as they prove trustworthy and complete a Commercial Account Application. We ask that one order be paid in full before another order goes out until such time great credit is established.

There are various ways in which to display discs.

The Innova Sales Policy is just FYI and basically says that you must sell Innova discs above a certain minimum.

Let us know if you have questions.


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