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Legacy Hunter - Protege - Skulboy

Legacy Hunter - Protege - Skulboy

This Legacy Protege Skulboy Hunter sports a Skulboy Design created by artist Duncan Crawford with gritty skull inspired, comic book, monster-movie-like dark fantasy characters.

The Legacy Protege Hunter is a stable putt and approach disc with great glide. It will hold the line of release to the end of its flight. The Hunter is great for putts outside the circle. It will be a go-to disc golf putter off the tee because of its predictable flight and ability to never leave its line. Very straight!

Speed 2, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 0

Protégé plastic is economical, more rigid than Gravity and has a great grip; breaks in to have a unique curve for a negative turn shot.

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  • Model: Legacy Skulboy (du) Protege Hunter
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