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Legacy Clozer - Excel - Skulboy

Legacy Clozer - Excel - Skulboy

This Legacy Excel Skulboy Clozer sports a Skulboy Design created by artist Duncan Crawford with gritty skull inspired, comic book, monster-movie-like dark fantasy characters.

The Legacy Excel Clozer is a stable putt and approach disc. It is a straight flying, low speed disc golf putter with fade at the end of its flight. The wing features a large rounded upper nose and a shallow bevel on the underside. The rim is very comfortable to grip and the depth is typical for putters. The Clozer can also be used as a stable short range driver. It was designed to give players the edge for short range drives, upshots and putts into a headwind.

Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 2

Excel plastic is economical, rigid, has great grip, breaks in quickly for negative turn shots and is great for beginners and lower arm speeds.

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