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Axiom Hex - Neutron - Skulboy - Angel Wings

Axiom Hex - Neutron - Skulboy - Angel Wings

This Axiom Neutron Hex sports a Skulboy "Angel Wings" design created by artist Duncan Crawford.

The Axiom Neutron Hex is a stable mid range driver. It is versatile and reliably straight. With high arm speed, the Hex will produce slightly understable lines from flat without flipping over completely. For lower arm speeds, shaping lines is a breeze. This disc golf driver is great for control in the woods or a versatile line shaper.

Speed 5, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 1

Hex Model Specs:
Class: 13mm Midrange Drivers
Weights: 165g - 179g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 13mm

Neutron Plastic is a premium material for look and feel, has the same great durability characteristics of Proton plastic and vivid high-contrast opaque colors.

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  • Model: Axiom Skulboy (du) Neutron Hex - Angel Wings
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