NutSac Starter Set - Disc Golf Bag and Discs

MSRP: $90

Our Price: $58.95

The Nutsac Disc Golf Starter Set comes with three great golf discs: The Innova Dx Sidewinder, Innova Dx Shark, and the Millennium SuperSoft. 

Cool things about the NutSac Bag: 
* How Many Discs Do You Really Use? - It hold up to 6 discs, but most casual players only use about 3 or 4 most of the time (a driver, midrange, and putter and that extra driver for the one you just lost in the pond or the brambles).
* Looks Great! - The NutSac looks so cool we guarantee it will take strokes off your game. 
* Low Profile and Light - Many players don't play serious disc golf, but just want to have a little fun with friends. You'll be glad you're not lugging around more bag and more discs than you need. With the NutSac, you can even drive with it on. You never have to put your NutSac down. 
* American Made Cannonball Canvas - The NutSac bag is made from tough as nails, heavy-duty Cannonball Canvas which only looks better with age. 
* The Pocket - The NutSac has one open front pocket specially designed to fit your keys, etc. 
* Snaps!
* Straps! - heavy duty, wide, comfortable and adjustable 
* Hack Your Sac! - Since the NutSac is canvas, you can easily customize it with just a needle, thread, and some creativity. Sew on some tournament patches or have it embroidered with your initials.
* Made in America! - Each and every NutSac Disc Golf Bag is made in America with 100% American Made canvas. We put Americans to work. You'll wear your NutSac with pride!
Many women and girls love the NutSac bag, so filling it with pink discs is like icing on the cake! Contact us 785-258-2494 or to see what we have in stock.
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