NutSac Double Disc Golf Bag

MSRP: $70.00

Our Price: $65.00$55.00

The Double NutSac disc golf bag holds 3 to 14 discs. It's twice the size of the original AND it has a beverage holster.

In fact, it is exactly like 2 NutSacs in one. They took two NutSacs, placed them back to back, added a beverage holster, a snap to close the back, and beefed up the suspension. If you want to carry just a few discs, it works and wears just like the single because the back 'Sac collapses out of the way. Need more discs? Just fill 'er up.

Made of the same Cannonball Canvas as the original. It's just as customizable as the original, just more space to customize.

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