Towch - Disc Golf Towel Pouch Bag

MSRP: $10.00

Our Price: $10.00

A Towch® is a simple, but ingenious product.

The basics are this:
• It's a Pouch
• It's a Towel

The smooth outside is printable and high strength cotton. The inside is a course, looped cotton fabric for textured, cleaning power. How Do You Use a Towch®? You put your disc in it and wipe the disc clean without having to get your hands dirty. You can even reverse the Towch® on your hand and pick up the disc like you were picking up dog-pooh with a plastic bag, never touching the wet, dirty or muddy disc with your hand. Simply pull the disc back inside the Towch® and rub it clean from the outside. A really wet disc can simply be left inside to dry until you need it again. The Towch is 12.75" tall by 10.5" wide.

How Is a Towch® Better Than a Towel?

​You can put your disc inside a Towch®. You can't do that with a typical golf towel, can you? You can use the Towch® as an add-on putter pocket. Try to get the average towel to hold onto your discs for you. When you've maxxed out your bag's storage capacity, just add a Towch® for extra space. You can wear a Towch® as a hat. No standard towel works like that, does it? Wet it in the heat of summer for a nice cool wrap. Keep it dry (and clean) for a nice set of warm ears in winter. You can wear your Towch® as a 3-disc casual-round bag. Play a fun-round of golf with friends and carry a putter, mid and driver right inside your Towch®. You can even wear it on your belt loop using the included carabiner. Your old-standard cleaning device is found lacking, huh?

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