Tarpestry - Blanket / Tarp

Tarp + Tapestry = TARPESTRY!

A Tarpestry is an outdoor blanket/tarp that is perfect for picnics, camping trips, sporting events, outdoor concerts, beach trips, festivals, the beach and the park!

Take it to every disc golf tournament or casual round. It's not only a great ground cloth for picnicking and sleeping, but can be used as you would a tarp for shade, windbreaks and canopy walls. Tarpestry owners have used them for rugs around a campsite, to cover car seats for the dog, wear as a rain poncho and even carry or drag raked leaves. So many uses and so easy to pack, stow and carry.

Each Tarpestry includes a Velcro pocket to hold belongings. Each has four grommets, one on each corner for staking down when windy or hanging up for sun/rain/wind protection.

The Classic Tarpestry top is 100% preshrunk cotton; the bottom or base fabric is urethane coated polyester that is water repellent and UV treated.

The Mini Tarpestry is like the Classic but about half the size. It provides a lightweight option for hiking and backpacking as well a great baby changing blanket.

The Double Duty Tarpestry both top and bottom are made of the urethane coated polyester that is water repellent and UV treated.

Tarpestries are handmade so no two are exactly alike. They may have slight variations from these images and may have slight irregularities in design which do not affect functionality whatsoever.

Care instructions:
Treat the Tarpestry like a tarp! Shake it out when it's dirty or rinse it off with a hose when it's extremely dirty. Spot clean with mild soap. Hang to dry. Harsh detergents and agitation of machine washing will eventually break down the water repellency of the Tarpestry therefore not recommended. If machine washing your Tarpestry is necessary, use gentle cycle and mild soap. To repair water repellency, re-coat with sprays you would use on winter and rain gear. You can also coat the cotton fabric to make it water repellent.

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